I've tried caring for my tank on my own... I've tried other area providers... And then I found Aquatica! There is a world of difference when someone that truly loves what he does is caring for your fish and aquarium! You will not be disappointed when Brian Paterson of Aquatica is that guy! My tank is located in my office, so it needs to "show" well. Truthfully, I thought it was pretty nice when I was doing it myself. Then, I ran out of time to manage it properly, so I called someone to take it over. He did a pretty nice job too, or so I thought. When I found Aquatica, I found just what I'd been missing. The tank is absolutely beautiful! It's a show piece and I've lost count on the compliments I've received on it! I'd highly recommend you and anyone else to give Aquatica and Brian a chance to prove himself to you. Your tank will never look better, your fish will live longer and you'll find yourself just sitting and staring at it, like I do sometimes! Outstanding is the only word that will measure how pleased I am...
Nationwide Insurance
Steven D. Dewberry, Agent / Owner

There are days when I sit in the waiting room of my office and just relax while staring at my aquarium. It is such a serene scene to view my very own piece of the ocean. Aquatica not only installed my coral reef aquarium, but beautifully maintains it. I welcome anyone to come to my office anytime because my aquarium is always picturesque.
Dr. Joseph Ramzy - Advanced Ears, Nose & Throat LLC

As the office manager in Dr. Fallorina's office, I've enjoyed our aquarium as much as our patients in the waiting room. Brian Patterson of Aquatica has maintained our aquarium for the past four years and his customer service and attention to detail is unsurpassed!
Tom Mallee, Office Manager for Dr. Fallorina

Our beautiful aquarium has been the talk of the hospital from patients, staff and clergy for the past four years. I can't say enough about soothing and relaxing the aquarium is for the waiting families and friends of patients having surgery. Brian Patterson of Aquatica rescued our aquarium and brought it back to life.
Rick Shaw, director Surgical Treatment St. Francis Hospital

Four years ago my sister gave me a 26-gallon aquarium. All I had to do was set it up and buy some fish! Two months later I had spent just under $1000 and had nothing to show for my efforts but 30lbs of rock, a plastic castle, and 26 gallons of salt water. I had made weekly trips to a local store with water samples from my tank, I had bought fish from two different stores (only one fish lived more than two days), and had received conflicting information from every salesclerk at three different stores.The maintenance man at my job heard about my trouble and told me about Brian Patterson. Brian came to my house and assessed the situation; he rearranged the live rock and added his personal touch to make my tank look beautiful. He told me that he shops around for his fish and that was immediately evident when he brought me my fish. The difference in the fish I had bought from the stores and the fish I got from Brian was like night and day. I decided at that moment that nothing would go in my tank unless it came from Brian. Since then Brian has maintained my tank and supplied me with everything I need to keep my tank up and running. I recently upgraded to a 50-gallon tank; Brian made that transition quick and easy. My fish tank is quite a conversation piece when people come to visit. I have colorful live rock, beautiful fish, and some very interesting corals. I can't say enough about Aquatica and how satisfied I am with everything.
Stacey Hurley, Wilmington, DE

Aquatica has set up my 3 pieces of artwork and have been servicing them for the past two years. Brian and his staff are extremely courteous, efficient and punctual. I am able to call upon him for questions, concerns and emergencies with the tanks. Brian and Bill have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can share with you. If a aquarium is your desire, Aquatica is your team!You will be amazed with their sales and service.
Taurance N. Bishop, DDS
Smile Brite Dental Care

In 2006 my family and I moved back to the Delaware area taking on a house with a 110 gallon salt water fish tank… having no prior experience with marine life I required a professional to oversee its operation and educate us in the hobby. Word of mouth referrals pointed me to Brian who I’ve come to realize has a true and genuine passion for marine life and their habitat. I am very pleased to say that the area I once thought I’d turn into a bookshelf is now a rejuvenated aquarium teaming with life, energy and beauty. It’s a focal point for all who visit our entertainment room and bar.
Ryan Alleman
Homeowner – Middletown, DE

I have watched Aquatica flourish from a small home based business into a supremely successful one. I'd have to believe that success stems from several things. First, its owner Brian has mastered the study of fresh and salt water marine life to the level of amazement. Second his attention to detail and customer service are exceptionally excellent. Finally, he has a passion for what he does thus covering all bases to deliver perfection. I am thoroughly satisfied and overjoyed with my aquarium, the staff of Aquatica and the "oooohhhh's and aaaahhhh's" when visitors come to see the beautiful work of underwater art created by Brian Patterson of Aquatica.
Carmen Crews Hart
'Lord, free of myself, so that I may please you'

Two words...Peace and Tranquility. Those two words describe how I feel as I gaze into my aquarium. After a hard days work, I sit in front of my tank and unwind. As you enter the room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the colorful fish as well as the beauty of the live rock. Friends and family alike comment on the beauty of our tank. Brian did an awesome job! His knowledge and expertise in selecting just the right materials and fish for our home only enhanced our room. I would highly recommend Aquatica, if you are thinking about getting a tank for your home or business.
Darren & Ellyn Moore
State Farm Insurance

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Aquatica for all your aquarium needs. Brian has always displayed a high degree of integrity and a wealth of knowledge in setting up and maintaining my aquarium . Brian's good judgement has ensured a beautiful fish tank for me and my staff to enjoy. An Aquatica aquarium would be a great asset to any home or office and I am happy to give Aquatica my wholehearted endorsement.
Thelma A Aminu RN, CRNI
CEO/ President
Royal Quality Nursing Service Inc.

We had taken care of our own tank for about 20 years, but the maintenance was always a hassle to do ourselves. After a remodeling, we decided to try Aquatica for setup and maintenance of our new tank. Now we wonder why we didn’t do this before! Brian did a great job of selecting everything for the tank, and performs the regular maintenance that keeps it looking new all of the time. He has always provided suggestions for additions to the tank when asked, and they always turn out better than we hoped. Aquatica does a great job!
Pat and David Braun

“Not only does Brian Patterson know about aquariums, tank maintenance, and aquatic life, he’ll put you right there as if you and him are taking Aquarium 101 together! He’s an educator… something which we all need for this hobby…”
Benjamin D. Bonaroti, Account Manager
Xodus Medical Inc.
Washington D.C.

From the day our office opened six years ago, Aquatica impressed us with their efficient and professional manner. The beautiful fish tank in our office is something that both our employees and patients have enjoyed for years. Patients, especially little children, cannot wait to come in and say "Hi", to Nemo our clown fish or the eel that has made his home in the back of the tank.
Aquatica services our fish tank regularly which allows us to use it as a wonderful background in our office and employee photos. We would recommend that anyone use Aquatica to service or create their beautiful new fish tank for everyone to enjoy.
Smile Brite Dental Care